Jul 2020 Woodland forest calibration

Science also have to be beautiful. Or simply just IS. We believe the driving force for deeper knowledge into our nature is that senses are looking for harmonies. And when found, something genuinely good happens. It can exist in music, visual image aesthetics, mathematics, solutions graphs or figures, or just great memories in our minds. [Läs mer…]

Maj 2020 Feel-good movie clip

English summary: Sometimes a movie clip stands out, and very rarely we share from the media flow. But this one has several striking dimensions to us now. The first link below reveals a solid driving force, a vision, a great idea and especially a tone and rythm that we completely share. Please see it and [Läs mer…]

Apr 2020 Hedersskogvaktarn

English summary: Great Grey owl, Strix nebulosa, thrive for a while. A pleasant verification of what we are doing – and how we do it – it seems not too bad at all! Thee old forester on an inspection visit. Attention. Salute. När hedersskogvaktarn har besökt oss, inspekterat, synat av markerna och beviljat godkänt så [Läs mer…]

Mar 2020 Infraljud

Infraljud och lågfrekvent buller! This note is about low frequency noise (infrasound), please contact us if further interested in the forest and antropogene sound landscape. Det är angeläget att beskriva den vackra och innehållsrika skogen. Så många skeenden pågår i vårt samhälle att en frisk, välmående och vacker skog kanske nu mer än någonsin måste förklaras. [Läs mer…]

Jan 2020 Happy new year

Our work of seeing the forest behind the trees makes a whole lot of sense as winter reach its expected high point and some holidays passes through. The importance of healthy forests and their ecosystems increases as we step into a new decade! Regardless of being far north or in rather city close forests. Green [Läs mer…]

Dec 2019 Many interests

In this branch of natural resources and how humans relate to them it is apparent that many of us now are deeply concerned and; to find new innovative ways on how to actually treat earth well – in the extension – how to minimize ”bad stuff”. Or in modern terminology: to be ”better than just [Läs mer…]

Okt 2019 Avräkning Alfrida m m

This short note summarizes the final at terminal surveyed and cleared volume from actions winter 2019 until july, included storm ”Alfrida” fellings. Please contact us if further interested in commersial and small scale sustainable forestry. Avräkning gallringar vintern 2019 inklusive stormfällen Alfrida, motormanuellt hugget (ofta svårtillgängligt) och upparbetat. Inmätt kvantitet leveransvirke registrerat per 30 juni [Läs mer…]

Sep 2019 Maintaining deeper forest skills

It is nice to see that biodiversity comes well with old growth forests. And in such a forest so much is going on, the ecology is working on a continuous basis. For curious and somewhat trained eyes an astonishing richness appears along with a great sense of untouchedness. This combination is very important for numerous [Läs mer…]

Aug 2019 Microplastics transboundary

On our move this firm takes responsibility. The littering of sea and shore got to END! The personal responsibility is most important – can never be replaced. Besides, some technical solutions are: The Seabinproject.com Movie clip 1 Movie clip 2 The Great Bubble Barrier.com Story news from intelligent living here/ An opportunity to collect and [Läs mer…]

Aug 2019 Environmental monitoring

Environmental analysis in the forest sector is in Sweden covered by SLU, The agricultural university. The field station of midth Sweden, Siljansfors, has been active since 1920 and is about to celebrate a great anniversary: 100 years of forest research! A book will come out covering the era (an english version would be great). This [Läs mer…]