Oct 2021 Benchmarking or something

In testimony before the House Subcommittee on Resources (November 10, 2005), eminent forest ecologist and University of Washington Professor Jerry Franklin noted that logging dead trees often has greater negative impacts than logging of live trees. He concluded that “timber salvage is most appropriately viewed as a ‘tax’ on ecological recovery.” A full discussion of the issues are well articulated in the book Salvage Logging and Its Ecological Consequences by David Lindenmayer, Philip Burton, and Jerry Franklin (Island Press, 2008). The authors conclude, ”Salvage logging and other post-disturbance practices can have profound negative impacts on ecological processes and biodiversity.” …

Bearing the above fact in mind, this firm tries to find and provide, communicate, new ways of acting and approaching the forested landscape. What else, if not in the deepest sense based on individual positive experiances? Why otherwise even bother! Or, just shoot and eat? Harvest and take off for glamour? We believe: Navigating skillfully through a numerous of possible and concrete actions changes are made, but it requires some humbleness, patience and skills – qualities quick and emotional prestigeous decision making completely squares out. It is terrible when it happens in truly promising forest ecosystems, no matter where. Too often. The books have been around for too long now! Still the bransch continues. Dum.

Anyway. It is our generation’s responsibility and it is now. ”Look what is happening in Sweden”… Yes so true stated! Thanks for that! It all helped us… But where do our natural resources go then? To what? A few generations ”fun”? The cost will come.

The way of thinking when it comes to nemo boreal and Taigan forestry resources leaves so much more to desire, no further details required for people involved in this bransch – just an leading international statement here!  Somewhere in between 2000-3000 species are threatened to extinction in the swedish forsted landscape.

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