Mar 2021 Out there

Out there forests and always new colours. Life and harsh beauty. Cold northerly winds. A sense of The spirit of the wild. The creative and non-predictable – non controlable. Humbleness and open senses. New skills arrive. As experianced in the last frontier and the northwest. This is why we do what we do. Always. It has to be better preserved.

A season and evening for owls, Boreal owl (Aegolius funereus), Ural owl (Strix uralensis), Long eared owl (Asio otus), Eurasian pygmy owl (Glaucidium passerinum) etc. 

Why dont the Swedish forest sector, i.e. the swedish society, hire more wild land biologists, since they harvest 24/7 decade after decade? Same with the water power industry! Science is too weak in a land where it definetely shouldnt be. Swedish society (or humans in general?) are afraid of not staying ”in control”. Too many lack admirability over the wild beautiful good heritage. Soon the story will turn out to be very hard to rewrite, even to tell. Next generation may not see and understand what was the soul and the spirit of their country. It takes approximately 30 years to get the experiances and skills required to become a forest biologist, key habitat ecologist, natural recource manager and a wild land traveller by own power. To visit what still remains of the old ways in this country – because it gets scarcer quickly. Computers and books are great, but… There is so much more to it. Still it exists, but…

Now. Who do ”we hire” in this country, really? Seriously! Anyway, what are the new urban generations humbleness, stamina and scientific background to face the challenges. And what incitaments do ”we” give them to improve the boreal environment, i.e., to survive in this branch? Where to find these necessary people – recources – in a restless ongoing urbanisation of a nordic forest country that really starts to loose its foundation. 

Where to find the energy to educate without rest. Na, it is not possible. The mountain is to big, as it is. The work goes on, but the good nature is at stake, out there… 

A creeked lake, here in a long narrow stretch between two widely open parts. No clearcuts down towards the shore this time and in general a sense of unlogged forests. The forested mountain (of course logged) in the background rise about seven K away from the photographer. The narrow straight once used for water passing.  

Frozen eerie mire. Its like the ice readily goes up in smoke, sublimates like carbon dioxide snow, but it is just a camera phenomena of course. The treeline next to this shore is rather intact. Thanks for that.

Sun sets beutifully over the western part of Scandinavia. An ice covered sweet little lake. In the foreground a typical swedish clear cut (before soil cultivation) down to the very shoreline of the lake. Only one row (~3 meters) of trees are left next to the lake (international comparative study of buffer zones here). Several lakes and creeks in the region are limed on a regular basis (international study of sources and factors here).



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