Jul 2020 Woodland forest calibration

Science also have to be beautiful. Or simply just IS. We believe the driving force for deeper knowledge into our nature is that senses are looking for harmonies. And when found, something genuinely good happens. It can exist in music, visual image aesthetics, mathematics, solutions graphs or figures, or just great memories in our minds. The positive observation, experiance, upon nature is this firms fundamental driving force. Here some loose samples from an earthy forest calibration truly without high heels in, after all, a great summer, year 2020.

Sun sets over forest county Värmland. As some say with funny stone face; ”over the Taigan hell”, (”barrskogshelvetet”, a word, or expression, that scores big time if pronounciated in dialect, norrbottniska or värmländska. Crazy swede…).

A small scale farm. Nowadays an old good neighbour who went to the forest with his father for honest work as a young teenager. Still living in his birthplace and ancestors plot. Still farming and growing a little ”broke back good stuff” from mineral rich but nitrogene poor soil.

At the top of Starkberget (really NOT a mountain peak, but anyway… if someone hesitated for a sec…) a woodland key habitat (Nyckelbiotop) a couple grey furish forest rangers may thrive very well. But getting there is a lump walk in bloody sucks…(hidden in the clear cuts Wavy hair grass!). So the wild great Old rangers may rest in peace up there, yawning, before the night hunt and howl his, or her, wild harmony.

Now. Regarding ”calibration”; we do have use for our skills in technical statistics and logical reasoning among decision makers and developers… Simply to get results in tune with increased sustaiability.

Regarding land management, corridors and islands that alters the ”green needle forestry culture and production plantations” for a little while are necessairy. The forest agency, Swedish nature conservation, and the land owners meet for ”calibration” regarding umbrella species (e.g. White backed woodpecker, Dendrocopos leucotos). We need more of these meetings. For that reason this company regulary invite and guide decision makers and developers.

When big lumber companies or developers eventually decides upon land – the ”small stuff and thinking” aint around… We say, ”they paint with the broad pencil”… in Good or Bad. Facts and values of nature must then be clear and as far as possible on the table. If it is ever possible to cover, hence the investigation, research and compilation continues…

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