Qualification Hans Bärring

Language skills

Fluent in English, basic in German, Swedish as native tongue

Key competence – Measurement technologies

  • Project staff and leading
  • Method development
  • Experimental statistical design, sampling and data collection
  • Analysis, determination of variables, sensors, accuracy and precision, non-invasive methods
  • Detection, calibration, statistical prediction and instrument standardization
  • Result analysis, evaluation, publishing, instructions, manuals and scientific presentation


Key competence – Field work

  • Experience from data collection in forests, mountains, lakes, sea, sampling of sediments, air, soil et c
  • Experience from physical and mental challenging field work year around
  • Nature inventory work – questions regarding mapping and biodiversity issues in boreal forests and ecosystems
  • Forestry – planning and practical execution for maintaining (or restoring) values
  • Guide experience from different tasks in Sweden and in the U.S.



System environments and software
Windows, Office, VISMA 2000, Adobe Creative Suite, Matlab, HTML, ArcView

– Approved counsellor for Boreal Forest Diversity, Swedish Forest Agency
– Safety for work on and close to roads, Swedish Transport Agency
– El-Security for work close and under power lines, Vattenfall AB

Courses in Leadership, Nature and Environment
– Several courses with the Swedish Defence
– Forests in school and education, Swedish Forest Agency
– Tracking, Tracker School Sweden
– Military service in the Navy – navigation, power and motor systems

International Association for Landscape Ecology
WWF – World Wide Fund for Nature
Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation

The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers

2010 Courses in Planning, Environmental law, Nature preservation, Water management, Stockholm University
2002 Lic. of philosophy., Statistical analysis of environment measurement data, Dept. of Analytical Chem., Stockholm University
2001 Statistics and multivariate analysis – several Ph.D. courses in Sweden and abroad
1998 M.Sc. chemistry; Technical environmental and biogeo chemistry, Umeå University