Jun 2022 The story continues

Thanks C J G for the perfect way of telling Why. Why to keep on. Why to hope. Why to never give up. As we see it. As we believe in. The beauty of nature.  The land of stories. It gives, and it takes, a great story teller. To explain. With words. In music.   [Läs mer…]

Feb 2022 Democracy dies in darkness

Democracy dies in darkness. This firm supports Ukraine and Will continue endurably, progressively and patiently. Everything we have been striving for is at quest. The total focus is now. There is a future and the current darkness shaded over Europe is nothing to compare with the flod that will break humanity if this criminal outrage [Läs mer…]

Oct 2021 Benchmarking or something

In testimony before the House Subcommittee on Resources (November 10, 2005), eminent forest ecologist and University of Washington Professor Jerry Franklin noted that logging dead trees often has greater negative impacts than logging of live trees. He concluded that “timber salvage is most appropriately viewed as a ‘tax’ on ecological recovery.” A full discussion of [Läs mer…]

Jun 2021 Rinnande vatten

Aldrig förr har vattenkvalitetsfrågor varit mer aktuella. Små separata, oberoende skeenden och händelser kommer med tiden i nära påverkanssamband. Om någonstans så är detta så synligt i just vattenmiljöer – avrinningsområden – och de ekologiska kedjor som beror av vatten. Tre olika avrinningsområden vi verkat inom exemplifierar det naturliga vattnets situation i Sverige: Oxundaåns avrinningsområde. [Läs mer…]

Mar 2021 Out there

Out there forests and always new colours. Life and harsh beauty. Cold northerly winds. A sense of The spirit of the wild. The creative and non-predictable – non controlable. Humbleness and open senses. New skills arrive. As experianced in the last frontier and the northwest. This is why we do what we do. Always. It [Läs mer…]

Feb 2021 Frystorkning

När tjällossning inträffar tidigt under vintern och samtidigt med varma vindar, avdunstar såväl snö som markfukt snabbt. En sådan period åtföljd av en period av kyla (minusgrader) innebär en variant av frystorkning i skog och mark. En slags intensiv vårtorka inträffar innan våren ens har kommit igång och en ev. egentlig vårtorka. Kommer inte ny [Läs mer…]

Nov 2020 The forest

Worth publishing in our list. A story that wraps it up. Through time for us. In some fundamental skills for us. See it. Critical habitat And read Alan Honick’s review about the story he share. Thanks. (read here Seeing the forest) We follow the battle of the last continuous forests along the hi slopes of the [Läs mer…]

Jul 2020 Woodland forest calibration

Science also have to be beautiful. Or simply just IS. We believe the driving force for deeper knowledge into our nature is that senses are looking for harmonies. And when found, something genuinely good happens. It can exist in music, visual image aesthetics, mathematics, solutions graphs or figures, or just great memories in our minds. [Läs mer…]

Maj 2020 Feel-good movie clip

English summary: Sometimes a movie clip stands out, and very rarely we share from the media flow. But this one has several striking dimensions to us now. The first link below reveals a solid driving force, a vision, a great idea and especially a tone and rythm that we completely share. Please see it and [Läs mer…]