Fields we mainly engage and provide services in are:


We review and shape projects involving the potential conversion of our green landscape. Our platform is from the legal point of view as well as creating positive values based on recognizing modern responsibility.


The company solves measurement situations. Data collection or mapping techniques can be performed based on skills in experimental design, sampling methodology, instrumentation, laboratory work, verification and analysis of raw data. The service is especially in the field of environmental analysis, with direct or indirect connection to forestry and natural resource management.

Where appropriate, data analysis based on the knowledge of various statistical and geographical methods, multivariate data analysis, calibration and modeling can be performed. The company can participate and run scientific or popular science reporting.


Actions to our customers are based on the combination of production economy and approved skills in boreal ecosystems, biodiversity, stand structure, natural regeneration, tree health and different landscape perspectives. This company’s agenda is such that we do pay attention to the interest of third parties. We do try to act as proud swedish rangers – we keep our eyes clear, senses sharp and forests tidy. Our ”ranger” skills are based on education, engagement, morals and experiance.

Field work: Together with the customer’s requirements, practical work is done based on skills, overview and a deeper sense of the land use history, different habitat types, structures, functions, species, and future development. The company collaborates and consults even with national expertise in restoration, as part of a network. For quality assurance, our customers always have a written planning with impact assessment, and when appropriate theoretical references included, before action begins.


Natural land condition assessment can be performed based on different verified inventory standards; methodologies and approaches. The company follows the national development, works with actors who have complementary skills as well as community officials and authorizers. The company also carries out investigation and planning and works with GPS/GIS. A deeper understanding of biodiversity, factors for its limitation, threats and potential, is a basic platform for any consultancy we undertake.


The company carries out educational and guide assignments in Swedish or English based on knowledge in areas such as forests, mountains, water, outdoor recreation, ecology and ecosystem services. An example is educating the Leave No Trace 7 principles. The company’s quality assurance means that risk analysis is done before, and continuously, during guide assignments. Collaboration can take place with leading companies in adventure tourism.

Outdoor activities: We can develop and set up outdoor training activities year around for different purposes. Basic skills or challenging endevours. We cooperate with other companies to reach goals as desired. 🙂



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