Aug 2018 Three giant trees

And some ”big fun” for oxygen and carb nerds!

In our time, trees and their ecosystems and web are getting more and more important and scientifically understood. A country’s welfare and whole industry is actually built upon it, for instance. The vast number of more and more urbanized people probably do not realise the value of single trees and what they together do for us. The well functioning forest.

Giant trees are rare in Sweden, but here are three very nice examples. It may seem like a bit of an asocial thing to run away to check out big old trees, but this is something man has done for ages, for healing reasons, for beauty, for relaxation, for cover or just to be part of the ”whole-iness” under the stars, for a while.


1) The giant pine in Uppland (around 500 years, 25 meters, DBH 1.2 meter).


This beautiful big pine (Pinus sylvestris) is now properly managed (surrounding trees) and also long term saved. It belongs to a private land owner.


2) The giant spruce in Ovansjö ecopark (230 years, 30 meter, DBH 1.1 meter).



Look for the rubber and running shoes… Everyting else next to this trunk is tiny. Especially the modern normal swedish forest trees… 🙂


Giant norway spruce are capable of sending second (clone) trunks up from the main trunk (the spruce in the winter picture is a nice example of that, but that tree is now history). About seven meters up the circled branch stretches out three meters from the main trunk and forms a new tree, growing about four meters high at the moment. Like an demonstration of true massive strength and stability. Impressive. Compare this (clonal) behaviour and strength with Old Tjikko, the worlds oldest tree found so far.


3) The toothache pine in Ovansjö ecopark (500 years, 22 meter, DBH 0.9 meter)

Friends who are dentists are happy their tools are a bit more tiny and sophisticated in these days… 🙂

Seed trees stand. More aesthetic and eco-oriented than huge clear cuts. But the forest floor beneath after this harvest and treatments are rough as well. One has to be a moose to, maybe, coop well with it.

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