Aug 2019 Microplastics transboundary

On our move this firm takes responsibility. The littering of sea and shore got to END! The personal responsibility is most important – can never be replaced. Besides, some technical solutions are:


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The Great Bubble

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An opportunity to collect and clean a tiny bit Coast. Perfect basket right there.

Macroplastics in a perfect and sad sense appeared too fast and among resting migratory and sea birds.

The last grip! But together We stand on land. Cleaning the shit up!

The cleaning of coasts and shore and rivers in Sweden continues….. Find out more through Clean coast initiative in Sweden and Keep Sweden Tidy foundation and Clean Up the World! NO need for further chemical theories here. Get the job done instead. Be positive and pissed off (quite simply) at the same time – and on top of everything humbly enjoy nature!

But hey, this one is interesting! Stuck on shore a conglomerate of ”jammed” microplastics, granules, oily polymers, some HFO – heavy fuel oil etc., into an amorphous rather solid ”cow dropping”:

Extraordinary ambitions and strong methods are now needed to at least mitigate the pollution of the sea! The Ocean Cleanup is promising – read more here!

On our move we took away around 300 kg litter from the Swedish shoreline. Just a little contribution we are happy over and feel warm in heart to have done.

Sooner or later ”activities” on land get to the sea. That’s one reason the status of sea is of great concern for this firm.

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