Aug 2019 Environmental monitoring

Environmental analysis in the forest sector is in Sweden covered by SLU, The agricultural university. The field station of midth Sweden, Siljansfors, has been active since 1920 and is about to celebrate a great anniversary: 100 years of forest research! A book will come out covering the era (an english version would be great). This month a new station and research manager, Ola Langvall, is about to start. Some research activities are shown here. It is really good that the research tradition now continuous and that the station will continue to have qualified staff. The importance and role of healthy forests will not decrease in the future.

The field station is a bit of a mysterious place in a positive sense. Situated in between and also covering some forest covered mountains 600 m.a.s.l., creeks and a couple of lakes with osprey, falcons, grey wagtail, three-pointed woodpecker for instance. In the production and machine landscape it appears as a beacon of knowledge and, not the least, appreciation among visitors from many corners of science with bearing to forest ecology in some sense.

The great story and exploration of exciting and hopefully diversity rich swedish forests goes on!

  This company has, now actually in two generations, done some work at SLU and Siljansfors. (In some sense a bit crazy – how could this happen? But trees typically get much older than human beings. The forest ground that has been walked over by one generation may be walked over also by the next... If properly managed, to say it). Hans Bärrings thesis work was about environmental monitoring, i.e. using spectrometry and non-invasive measurement technology for improved situation understanding and decision making. 

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