Jul 2019 Trails and footprints

An excellent study reached us, actually so meaningful, and summarizing, it is shared simply… Enjoy the reading!

Trails on trial: which human uses are OK for protected areas?

Note. In Sweden we still have e.g. very important multifunctional green wedges reaching from the countryside into some of our big cities, e.g. Stockholm and Gothenburg. Due to the growth hunger and increasing distance between decisions and functional nature these are of course on great pressure. So an international perspective is very important in order to understand – to relate to – what is going on with and within this still rather small country regarding e.g. these green wedges. Where we probably are heading and the possible outcomes. What we do today will remain for ages. Wisely or not.

That, our friends, is exactly why we do what we do – the ambition to preserve and work with nature. We need to understand our significant footprints, and advance swiftly and more lightly from there. The rest are residuals.

Happy trip! Be careful where you put your steps. And that is exactly also what for instance professor Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson tells us.  🙂

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