Some responsibilities and non-profit work

Running a small business it is important to take part in the ”greater society”. Some projects throughout the years have been:

  • Ringing together with the Swedish Ornithological Society (year 2010-2011). Volunteering in the White-backed woodpecker project (year 2012)
  • – Renovation of an old log cabin into a small exhibition hall and nature museum in Upplands Väsby (year 2005 – 2011). The exhibition was developed in close cooperation with distinguished, awardwinning illustrator Mr. Bo Mossberg and ditto forest biologist Mr. Mats Karström, who – among other things – acted successfully as an early stage developer, a pioneer, of methodologies to protect Scandinavias last old growth forests
  • Commitment to outdoor recreation, public health, contiguous forests, diverse and rich nature, healthy natural shore lines and aquatic environments. Development of ideas about urban planning in balance with our resources (full spectrum economy, ecology and social values)
  • Efforts to make it look nice out in the forest – Keep Sweden Tidy.


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