Sport achievements

Here some sport background for Hans Bärring – achievements that have been good fun and ”goal winning challenges” 🙂

  • Trail running and XC-skiing. Chairman and competition leader within a XC-skiing club, north Stockholm (love the trails – love the winter)  🙂
  • Road biking, national championship level, club winner (it actually happened a couple of times 🙂  )
  • Fifteen years of triathlon (never completely quit..) with some ”fun kick as medals” in sprint distance and duathlon  🙂
  • Athletics, mid-distance running, national medals age group, same here…  🙂
  • Sports Development – Board member of the Swedish Triathlon Federation, district and national level (year 2004 – 2009)  🙂
  • Sports Development events – Event staff and initiator of several duathlon and triathlon competitions. Range Master for Svealand Championship, Nordic Championships in road cycling (year 2006 – 2010)   🙂
  • Twenty years in team sports, soccer (first division level) and floorball (also player-coach 1995-1998)  🙂