Dec 2019 Many interests

In this branch of natural resources and how humans relate to them it is apparent that many of us now are deeply concerned and; to find new innovative ways on how to actually treat earth well – in the extension – how to minimize ”bad stuff”. Or in modern terminology: to be ”better than just sustainable”. Probably we all want to, but there are so many interests… and so many people. In Sweden there is now a national ongoing investigation regarding how to shape a new Forest program and policy  (A swedish version here forest program). And many topics are regularly up on the wall at the Academy – more young people should take the opportunity.

After listening to some national investigations and topics – thoughts and impressions are many. Sometimes solutions are closer than we believe. If we are not stuck in old ways and if we create dynamics based on scientific knowledge… entrepreneurship and a strong healthy people, teams and individuals. Anyway, the images above are ”free for interpretation”. The carved out figures cost from $ or 60 and the shop has a primary display at a main shopping street of Stockholm, in the land of forests and wood… There are many ways to handle natural resources and with care! And with a little bit of love to the great thing that surrounds us – nature.

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