Jan 2020 Happy new year

Our work of seeing the forest behind the trees makes a whole lot of sense as winter reach its expected high point and some holidays passes through.

The importance of healthy forests and their ecosystems increases as we step into a new decade! Regardless of being far north or in rather city close forests. Green infrastructure are crucual in this context. However, the change of forest land continuous as shown in this article, Figure 3, Landscape trajectory of natural boreal forest losscovering the county Västerbotten, from the west and Norweigan high mountain border to the shore line of the Baltic sea in the east. The picture would be rather the same throughout the whole country. Accordingly, it is not surprising that The Swedish EPA (Naturvårdsverket) has now posted Updated Specifications for Sustainable Forests. In swedish here. The agency concludes that the country will NOT reach its goal, the environmental quality objective regarding a vast part of Sweden. So we keep on working trying to contribute with a small or a big peace.

Best wishes for a happy new year and lots of frisky air!

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