Okt 2019 Avräkning Alfrida m m

This short note summarizes the final at terminal surveyed and cleared volume from actions winter 2019 until july, included storm ”Alfrida” fellings. Please contact us if further interested in commersial and small scale sustainable forestry. Avräkning gallringar vintern 2019 inklusive stormfällen Alfrida, motormanuellt hugget (ofta svårtillgängligt) och upparbetat. Inmätt kvantitet leveransvirke registrerat per 30 juni [Läs mer…]

Sep 2019 Maintaining deeper forest skills

It is nice to see that biodiversity comes well with old growth forests. And in such a forest so much is going on, the ecology is working on a continuous basis. For curious and somewhat trained eyes an astonishing richness appears along with a great sense of untouchedness. This combination is very important for numerous [Läs mer…]

Aug 2019 Microplastics transboundary

On our move this firm takes responsibility. The littering of sea and shore got to END! The personal responsibility is most important – can never be replaced. Besides, some technical solutions are: The Seabinproject.com Movie clip 1 Movie clip 2 The Great Bubble Barrier.com Story news from intelligent living here/ An opportunity to collect and [Läs mer…]

Aug 2019 Environmental monitoring

Environmental analysis in the forest sector is in Sweden covered by SLU, The agricultural university. The field station of midth Sweden, Siljansfors, has been active since 1920 and is about to celebrate a great anniversary: 100 years of forest research! A book will come out covering the era (an english version would be great). This [Läs mer…]

Jul 2019 Trails and footprints

An excellent study reached us, actually so meaningful, and summarizing, it is shared simply… Enjoy the reading! Trails on trial: which human uses are OK for protected areas? Note. In Sweden we still have e.g. very important multifunctional green wedges reaching from the countryside into some of our big cities, e.g. Stockholm and Gothenburg. Due to [Läs mer…]

Jun 2019 Wild friends

We were going out to the clime to check out a few things when a wild friend shared a glimpse. It happened that we were on his trail… He had an issue with his front left paw, still hunting though. Always huntin… Thorns can be pretty nasty on canine animals. Hopefully he is now alright. [Läs mer…]

May 2019 ”30-30-30”

Our methodology of ”30-30-30” does it make sense? Some claim that nature on earth should be 30 percent protected by year 2030 in order to maintain fundamental processes upon which life depends. One way to proceed with forests is thus to use… 30 percent of the land for conventional and commercial ”industrial” landuse (given fulfilling [Läs mer…]

Apr 2019 Life with dynamics

Life with dynamics. Winds and woods. Snow and spring. Here is just a little report from some mid-swedish semi-boreal forests, January to April 2019. Images that maybe give some apetizer upon forest dynamics and biology – a world quite full of life and sometimes action!       The storm ”Alfrida” In beginning of 2019 [Läs mer…]

Jan 2019 A strong one

And so 2019. It will be a strong one. Happy new year!   Anyway. It is interesting to read about different ages and eras of nature conservation. Nowadays we are talking about an integrated landscape approach with multifunctional landscapes, i.e. culture, production, preservation and conservation goes hand in hand. (In order to reach sustainability, save [Läs mer…]

Sep 2018 Friskt dunkel råder

I skogen råder ett friskt trolskt dunkel. Här nedan en favorit alla kategorier! En dramaturgi, där utmarken skänker stor kraft och styrka. Mäktiga element och naturen smälter ihop i varje stycke. Till gagn för handlingskraft. English: In the woods there is a fresh, mysterious darkness. Below a favorite all categories! A dramaturgy, where the outback [Läs mer…]